Tim Rivett

Tim is the Partner/Director at RHR and has 20+ years in the legal profession.

Tim’s career started at a large commercial law firm in Brisbane. However, he’d always wanted to live and work in a close-knit community where he could actually do some good. So, Tim and his wife Catherine said goodbye to the CBD, and relocated their family to Central QLD.

Working in-house at Rockhampton Regional Council gave Tim an enhanced perspective on practice and advice work. He then met prominent Yeppoon lawyer Robert Harris. Their mutual respect led to friendship and a decision to work together. In 2013, Tim and Catherine made the decision to continue Robert’s legacy by purchasing the law firm when Robert retired. Since then they have been helping the people and organisations of Central QLD at Robert Harris Rivett Lawyers.

Tim remains driven to make a positive impact on his client’s lives and businesses. He’s delighted that he can pursue this goal by working with passionate and smart people who genuinely care about the RHR clients.

With its boutique size and supportive culture, Tim describes RHR as ‘a family helping other families and people’.  For him, it’s the key difference that makes all the difference.

You can reach Tim by emailing [email protected]